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The anonymous Breathes.
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  • The anonymous Breathes.

William Breathes, one of Westword's resident MMJ center critics, wrote about applying for the renewal of his red card 48 days ago. As of this post, he'd heard nothing back from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Of course, there's no sign of rejection, either, which is a good thing considering that after 35 days, the law says your paperwork is as good as the real thing. But apparently I missed something the last time I wrote about that little loophole. In the same paragraph that validates paperwork after 35 days, there is language stating that applications can still be rejected at any time.

Breathes reports that CDPHE spokesman Mark Salley says the department's intake has slowed to 700 apps per day, but that some 78,500 applications remain to be processed.

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