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Over at the Memphis Flyer's Nothing Blog, writer Matthew Writt had finally had enough. It was time to unsubscribe from the Yellow Pages.

The sight that sent Writt on his mission
  • The sight that sent Writt on his mission.

It's one of those things we all assume will just show up twice a year without warning and without need. It used to be useful, an easy go-to place for all sorts of seven digits. Then the Internet was invented. Nowadays, phone books serve as doorstops, kid's seats, replacement firewood, shavings for horse stalls, useless piles of dead trees ... I could go on.

How many people really have landlines these days, anyway? As Writt puts it, "I haven't needed a phone book since I learned to spell Google."

Via Writt, here's the coveted link for people who have run out of doors to stop: Search via area code and follow the directions based on the links they list for your area to finally unsubscribe and save a few trees.

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