Archie Andrews, Bigamist



If you’ve ever wondered — and I know you have — what the future holds for perennial teenage comic character Archie Andrews’ love life, the answer will be revealed this month with the release of an adolescent magazine-format “collector’s edition” called Life With Archie: The Married Life.

The stories chronicle a now young-adult Archie’s marriage to both Betty AND Veronica, albeit in two distinct parallel universes.

The comic book character — who first appeared in 1941 and would be well into his 80s had he aged appropriately — got a sales boost last year when his publishers created two separate story arcs in which he married each of his high school flames.

Just to hedge their bets, Life with Archie #1 finds the three characters sharing cover space with photos of Justin Bieber and other tween/teen idols. In honor of which we leave you with 24 seconds of Bieber being hit upside the head by a water bottle followed by a music video of Archie and the gang in simpler times.

Justin Bieber Hit With Water Bottle - Watch more Funny Videos

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