The Low Impact Challenge



Is your relationship with the environment like this?
  • Is your relationship with the environment like this?
Attention all environmentalists:

Progressive Talk AM 760 out of Denver is sponsoring a Low Impact Challenge for the week of Aug. 16-20 as an attempt to get listeners (and any one else who is interested) to reduce their carbon footprint.

It seems simple: Each day, participants will be assigned a task designed to lower the negative impact they make on the environment. The tricky part is carrying that habit through the rest of the week as new goals keep being added.

The assignments are as follows-
Day 1 - No meat.
Day 2 - Eat one locally grown meal a day.
Day 3 - Use no paper.
Day 4 - Produce no non-recyclable trash.
Day 5 - Do not drive in a fossil-fuel burning automobile with fewer than three people in it.

Anyone who's interested can sign up here.

Don't worry, the challenge is set purely on the honor system. How well do you think you can do?

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