Maes, McInnis super-tight



As of 9:05 p.m.: With more than 310,000 votes in, GOP governor hopefuls Dan Maes and Scott McInnis are separated by fewer than 400 votes.

Though Maes' lead has slipped a little in the past hour or so, he voiced a reason for optimism in the latest Post story.

Maes said he expected to take El Paso and Weld counties handily, two Republican, conservative strongholds. Those counties didn't have mail-in balloting and weren't expected to be counted until later in the night.

"We felt good coming in tonight," Maes said. "The numbers are confirming what we thought. The numbers just need to stay there.

And then, because he's always got something thoughtful to say:

"What's beautiful about these numbers is these are the actual votes."

Dan Maes: Keeping it real.
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  • Dan Maes: Keeping it real.

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