Promise's story



It reads like a book from the shelves of a girl's bedroom library, but Promise's story is affecting, no matter who you are.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, your protagonist.

Promise was found several years ago wandering the streets of Longmont alone. The 3-year-old filly (basically equivalent in development to a 9-year-old child) was malnourished and disabled. Through abuse or natural causes or both, Promise is partially blind, with a deformity that affects her teeth and eyes.

She was taken to Reach Out to Horses, an equine rescue in Golden that was founded by renowned horse trainer Anna Twinney. Although she lived in a safe environment, she was too scared to let people touch her. All that changed when horse trainer and founder of an equine sanctuary in France, Helen Dryland, visited ROTH for a workshop a few years ago and started training Promise to feel less threatened by humans. A year later Dryland returned and within an hour, taught her wear a saddle, bridle and rider.

Now Dryland and ROTH are raising money to send Promise to Dryland's sanctuary in France. It will cost $10,000 to safely transport Promise, and the agency has already raised $8,247. To help reach the final goal, they will host the Tag Sale for Promise, Aug. 13 and 14 in Niwot. You can donate items, baked goods or simply shop the charity sale.

Promise with Dryland
  • Promise with Dryland

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