Bennet and Romanoff: The way they were



Over Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, we received no fewer than eight e-mails from Sen. Michael Bennet or his campaign people. Makes for a pretty clear indication that a Denver Post/9 News poll released over the weekend has them worried.

Not surprisingly, as the race between Bennet and Andrew Romanoff has gone neck-and-neck, the candidates have gone at each other's throats. Bennet has accused Romanoff's campaign of distorting history in a new "Greed" ad. (Multiple Denver news stations' "fact-check" efforts have backed up Bennet's claims.) Romanoff has accused Bennet of "ducking nine debates and hiding behind surrogates." (While Bennet has presumably been pretty busy serving as senator, he has indeed been less visible than his competitor.)

Last night in Colorado Springs, Romanoff urged his supporters to avoid negativity in the days ahead. But it's unlikely the two will ever recapture the relative bonhomie with which they started the campaign.

Thankfully, YouTube gives us the opportunity to revisit those simpler times. It's at the 3:50 mark that the word "love" makes its way into this February debate.

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