Arcade Fire, Terry Gilliam and oil money unite for webcast



First things first: As of today, you can stream the new Arcade Fire album right here.

Second, fans of the band and Terry Gilliam will want to set Thursday evening aside in order to catch a live webcast of the indie-pop band directed by the Monty Python refugee and subsequent maker of films like Brazil and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. The talented Canadian group’s Madison Square Garden performance will begin streaming at 8 p.m. MST as the first in a series of five “Unstaged” concerts on Youtube via Vevo, which is co-owned by Sony, Universal Music and the Abu Dhabi Media Company

Third, this last company is a government-owned corporation based in the United Arab Emirates capital city for which it’s named. Regarded as the “the richest city in the world,” it’s a favorite for Hollywood celebs like Brad Pitt and Pamela Anderson, who are both reportedly building hotels there. It’s also been the focus of international criticism last year for what’s been characterized as the widespread abuse, forced labor and “gross exploitation of migration workers,” which you can read about at this Human Rights Watch webpage. (You can read the entire 80-page report here.)

That said, Arcade Fire's social conscience is pretty unassailable, given that the band announced last month at the Quebec Summer Festival that they would match fan donations to Haiti up to a million dollars.

Fact is, just about everything’s connected to everything else in this global economy, so you might as well settle back and enjoy the show. Meanwhile, here's a few relevant videos, including the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra covering Arcade Fire's "Keep the Car Running."

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