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As reported by the Fairplay Flume, when Dawn Caudill attempted to retrieve her medicinal cannabis and prescription Xanax — seized as evidence during a traffic stop — she was denied, pending information from the district attorney's office. This eventually led to the following exchange with Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener.

Wegener: "Here's an idea, here's an idea: You go get an attorney — sue me for it. Goodbye. Goodbye."

Caudill: "Why would I do that?"

Wegener: "Because I don't care."

Caudill: "Sir?"

Wegener: "Sir? You can 'sir' me 'til you're blue in the face. Take your shit — get out of my office. Goodbye."

Cadill told the Flume she was unaware that she was recording the video.

But once she discovered the video, she felt that she needed to upload it to the Internet so others could see.

"Honestly, it's a sad, sad thing that I had to go through what I had to go through for my constitutional rights to be upheld," she said. "For 12 days, I was without my medication because of somebody else's negligence."

But at least one person disagrees with the assertion that the video recording was accidental.

Park County Undersheriff Monte Gore said he pulled surveillance footage of when Caudill was in the Sheriff's Office lobby and it appeared that she had her cell phone camera trained on Wegener during her conversations with him.

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