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Today marks the one-year anniversary of local curator and OpticalReverb founder Jason Zacharias' death.

Jason had an amazing eye for talent, and curated some of the most interesting shows annually.
  • Jason had an amazing eye for talent, and curated some of the most interesting shows annually.

If you never had the chance to meet Zacharias or are unfamiliar with his significant contribution to our local arts scene between 2004 and last year, read a 2006 Indy interview with him here.

Zacharias helped many local artists get their starts, organizing their first shows in gallery spaces like Phantom Canyon that he oversaw. His shows were dynamic, diverse and full of raw talent.

Speaking as the person tasked with organizing much of the Indy's weekly arts coverage over the past four years, I can say that my colleagues and I greatly miss Jason's presence in the local scene. Seeing his name attached to a press release almost always meant we were going to open an e-mail full of captivating images. It was an effortless call to say, "Let's plan a story on this show." With Jason, we knew we were receiving works and artists that had already been vetted by a professional with a great gift for recognizing and encouraging talent.

Speaking on a more personal level, I miss seeing Jason's wide smile at art events — his enthusiasm was infectious and he always presented such a warmth to his friends and associates like me. He spoke highly of the artists whom he represented and was always gracious and sincere. He loved art and had an ambitious vision for the type of art community he wanted to help nurture here. Few have put themselves out there, investing the time and energy that Jason did, for the creative benefit of others.

His absence has been felt this past year, as it will continue to be felt for quite some time in local art spaces.

As one commenter who posted on our website said: "Sorry you left us — the community is poorer without you."

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