Do fries go with that shake?


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We've all heard the age-old rule about pairing white wine with fish and red wine with meat. And everyone who's reached drinking age surely knows that beer is an essential complement to pizza.

But how do we know which high-fructose corn syrup product goes with an exquisitely rehydrated onion ring slathered in hydrogenated vegetable shortening?

In fact, what self-respecting adults haven't sat in their local Burger King wearing a tacky paper crown and wondering if other patrons are snickering at them for some culinary faux pas involving BK Chicken Fries and Dr Pepper?

Well, worry no longer, because more and more BK franchises have begun adding informative "food" pairing guides beneath the soft drink dispensers. For instance, it turns out that Coke pairs well with Whoppers, Double Whoppers and Triple Whoppers due to its "real, full-bodied taste with a refreshing, bubbly finish."

So is Burger King being ironic about all this? Check out the above photo and decide for yourself. And while you're at it ....


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