Michelle Bachmann befriends Indy



I love an e-mail from a certifiably insane politician as much as the next guy, so I was a little jealous when our managing editor, Kirk Woundy, received a personalized and predictably deceptive solicitation yesterday afternoon from Congressional loon Michelle Bachmann. It began:

Dear Kirk,

I need your help, and I need it fast.

My extreme left-wing opponent raised almost $1 million in the last three months - that's more than virtually every Democrat challenger in the nation!

What the demi-demagogue from suburban Minnesota leaves unsaid is that, while her challenger may be raking in more cash than most Democrats, it's chump change compared to the $1.7 million Bachman took in during that same quarter.

It's a nice GOP trick, being able to claim underdog status while actually making more money than anyone else. Kind of like all those poor little corporate rich kids who are so abused by tax-and-spend politicians, or would be if it weren't for eight years of millionaire tax cuts and Cayman Island-sized tax shelters.

At least there's no doubting the sincerity of Bachmann's postscript:

P.S. I'm proud and honored to call you my friend, Kirk. This is shaping up to be my toughest election campaign yet, and I have never needed your help more than I do right now.


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