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I'm the copy editor on staff here at the Indy. Most people do not know what this means. And most people don't care. When I'm at parties, and people do ask me what I do, I've gotten it to a point where I often just say, "I fix writers' mistakes so you don't have to see them in print, and I check facts so we (hopefully) aren't sued."


Lori Fradkin of The Awl posted a piece today entitled: What It's Really Like to Be a Copy Editor.

Like Fradkin, I never dreamed of being a copy editor. She wanted to be a princess; I wanted to be Michael Eisner. (Yes, I realize that's not actually possible, but that's what I told people for many of my childhood years. The point was, back then, I wanted to run Disney.)

Anyway, her piece hit so spot on with me that I had to share — if only to enlighten a few folks and help her get a few more hits on her page.

And while you're reading that, I'll be here, making sure the "l" is always included in "public."

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