Census reveals Colorado quirks



The U.S. Census Bureau recently released new state data, and Colorado stacked up pretty well against the competition, including coming in first for lowest obesity rate.

Check out some of these statistics below and let us know which ones surprise you and which you could have seen coming.

Number of vehicles per 1,000 people
Highest- Wyoming: 1,246
Lowest- Colorado: 328

Increase in medical costs
Highest- Denver/Boulder/Greeley: +7.5%
Lowest- Kansas City, Mo.-Kan.: -1.5%

Percentage of uninsured children
Highest- Nevada: 19.1%
Colorado: 12.3% (9th highest)
Lowest- Massachusetts: 3.4%

Obesity rate
Highest- Mississippi: 33.4%
Lowest- Colorado: 19.1%

Binge drinking
(Adults reporting having five or more drinks on occasion)
Highest- Wisconsin: 22.8%
Colorado: 16% (31st lowest)
Lowest- Utah: 8.2%

Change in cell-phone subscribers
Highest- New Mexico: 236%
Colorado: 114% (6th lowest)
Lowest- Illinois: 101%

Highest- West Virginia: 26.5%
Colorado: 17.6% (22nd lowest)
Lowest- Utah: 9.3%

Income reported to the IRS
Highest- Connecticut: $84,769
Colorado: $61,526 (8th highest)
Lowest- Mississippi: $36,394

Voter turnout (2008)
Highest- Minnesota: 73.4%
Colorado: 64.3% (12th highest)
Lowest- Hawaii: 45.5%

Heart disease
Highest- West Virginia: 8.1%
Colorado: 2.7% (2nd lowest)
Lowest- Washington, D.C.: 2.6%

National park visitors
Highest- Washington, D.C.: 35.7 million
Colorado: 5.4 million (19th highest)
Lowest- Connecticut: 19,386

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