Pool party!



When I was growing up in a small, progressive city that no one had ever heard of — Portland, Oregon — the local pools had wonderful events for kids.

My absolute favorite was movie night. We all laid on flotation devices in the pool and watched classic horror films like "Swamp Thing."

Now normally, being sophisticated '80s youngsters, black and white beasts in bad costumes probably wouldn't have scared us. We had Freddy Krueger in those days, remember. But when the monster is hiding in the water, and you're in water, well ... let's just say there was some shrieking going on.

Now that I think about it, though, scaring the piss out of a bunch of kids while they're in a dark pool may not have been the best plan after all...(gross)....

My point in telling you all this is that Wilson Ranch pool is having a great camping event for families this weekend. It really does sound like fun, and there appears to be less of a chance that the pool will turn into a glorified urinal than there was back in the movie days of my childhood.

Which is always a bonus.


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