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A windswept mayor.
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  • A windswept mayor.

On Friday, Mayor Lionel Rivera spoke with J. David McSwane at Westword, saying that the city had the chance to bounce back from low sales tax revenue, and the subsequent cut of city services, through a revitalized economy — medical marijuana specifically — and a possible TABOR timeout.

"We have a sales tax revenue, believe it or not," Rivera says. And a good chunk has come from the medical marijuana industry there — $72,000 was collected in the city and surrounding areas in April, the mayor says. He expects that new revenue stream to total more than $1 million by the end of the year.

Increased fees from utilities and other fees are also large contributors, he clarifies. But the city looks to collect even more revenue from 451 marijuana-related businesses there that purchased temporary permits because of a state-wide moratorium on the growth industry that went into effect this month.

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