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Today, Westword published a story on the how-and-why of Colorado Springs City Councilor Darryl Glenn's push for a public vote on medical marijuana centers. Glenn says his opposition is based on a more nuanced view than just a simple desire to ban dispensaries.

"When I'm looking at the appellate case that's gone before" — a reference to the ruling in the matter of caretaker Stacy Clendenin — "it clearly showed that a caretaker must have a relationship with a patient. There's a lot more involved than just being a dispensary owner. So for people to say, 'There's a constitutional right to be in the medical marijuana dispensary business,' I believe that's factually wrong. And I'm telling people, 'Let's talk about that. Let's clear that up.' Because I'm not willing to create licenses and zoning for these businesses when, in my opinion, it's still illegal to do that."


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