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If you live in an apartment with a balcony in Colorado Springs, you'd better hang up the charcoal grill, smoker or hibachi.

They're illegal, the Colorado Springs Fire Department says.

Dont turn a cookout into an emergency.
  • Don't turn a cookout into an emergency.

The city's fire code restricts usage of certain types of cooking devices on decks and balconies at apartment communities with more than two units. Charcoal grills, solid fuel cooking appliances, smokers, oil fryers, hibachis, and all other types of open-flame cooking devices are not allowed on a balcony or deck constructed from combustible materials. Use of these items is also prohibited within 10 feet of combustible construction in all apartment complexes. LP gas grills with a tank size of 20 pounds or less and electric grills can be used on decks and balconies at the occupancy type outlined above.

The Fire Department's press release also notes that spare LP-gas cylinders cannot be stored on combustible balconies, in the individual apartment, or within the interior of an apartment building. Barbecues are prohibited from being stored in or near stairwells, hallways, or other areas intended for use as an exit, or within an exit path.

The reason for the reminder? “In our community charcoal grills, smokers, and wood cookers have been the source of several apartment fires," CSFD Deputy Fire Marshal Keith Buckmiller says in the release. "The fire code defining open-flame cooking devices is intended to be a life safety tool and we want to make sure the city’s apartment dwellers are reducing their fire risk by using only LP gas or electric grills."

Go here and here for more on balcony charcoal grilling laws.

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