Dispensaries will be 'killed-off' says City Councilor


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Coming on the heels of this week's "CannaBiz" — where City Councilor Sean Paige shares his feelings regarding the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce's stance on MMJ — is this sentiment from Paige's blog for Local Liberty Online.

But those fretting over the prevalence of medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado Springs need only be patient. Many of these businesses won't be around a year from now. They'll have been killed-off by regulation or competition.

Paige says that "prohibitionists" have become involved and "are on a moral crusade to prevent the corruption of Colorado Springs youth, by pushing medical marijuana back into the shadows."

Besides the obvious influence of market forces to even out the glut of medical marijuana centers Colorado Springs enjoys, Paige says an even bigger influence will take care of the rest.

The second cause of death — death by regulation — is more objectionable, in my opinion, because it is government-induced and largely unnecessary. Some reasonable local controls make sense, given the newness and sensitive nature of this industry. But most regulation is excessive and blindly destructive; it's imposed for the ego-gratification of politicians and the job security of regulators. It pretends to "fix" what isn't broken, to protect the public from a phantom menace.

While I disagree with some of the generalizations Paige makes about regulation in general, I do agree that two forces — capitalism, and political detractors — will force many out of business.


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