MMJ 'a Godsend' says patient



Kim Barbieri and her horse, Spencer.
  • Dominique Taylor/Vail Daily
  • Kim Barbieri and her horse, Spencer.

Besides being owner of New Hope Wellness Center in Edwards, Kim Barbieri is a medical marijuana patient, suffering from multiple sclerosis. Feeling like the pills she originally used for treatment were "debilitating her mentally and physically, more so than the multiple sclerosis itself," Barbieri turned to MMJ, she told the Vail Daily.

“It's crazy what these pharmaceutical drugs are doing to people,” she said. “[Medical marijuana] is so much less debilitating to people than anything. You can't get addicted to it, and you don't go off into some other world.”

The article goes on to introduce Edwards resident Buddy Sims, who calls marijuana "a poisoned product that will destroy our community."

“Recreational marijuana is the same product as medical marijuana,” Sims says. “Both are poison and need to be taken off the streets.”

Poison or not, medical marijuana is the only thing that controls Barbieri's muscle spasms, letting her sleep at night, she says.

“It's like a Godsend to me,” Barbieri says. “To me, this is what has made my life worth living again."

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