British degrade us by (how else?) polling us



The press in the United Kingdom is reporting that a recent poll shows many Americans believe that by 2050, cancer will be cured, computers will carry on conversations and Jesus will return to earth.

(Leading many fine English gents to put down their tea and biscuits for a moment and exclaim, "Bloody 'ell, those yanks 'ill believe anything, they will.")

Polling Americans is an important pasttime for the English, who occasionally crave new and inventive ways to belittle Americans. As any Brit will tell you, laughing at American soccer players gets old.

(On the bright side, we'll be the ones laughing when you know who shows up, right? Right?)

Anyways, the full story is here:

The second coming and you couldnt even put on a decent shirt, huh?
  • The second coming and you couldn't even put on a decent shirt, huh?

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