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Update: The same fine marketing folks who brought us food yesterday just called to clarify the part of their press release concerning the free practice parties that I mention below. I interpreted the phrase "for area residents and businesses" to mean open to the general public. But, in actuality, the practice parties are only open by invite — so freeloaders desist your palm rubbing and salivating. You'll have to wait until Friday after all. The Garbanzo marketing folks and I both apologize for the miscommunication.

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The newest Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill location is set to open this Friday at 2130 Southgate Road.

Check out our earlier Side Dish post on the outfit here.

Earlier today, the fine marketing folks behind the nine-location Colorado chain dropped some samples by our office, the heart of which was a Garbanzo Greens salad topped in chopped pieces of chicken shwarma. On the side, they provided dishes of hummus, tahini, tabuleh, vegetable salad (mainly diced tomatoes and cucumber) and a dill-rich, creamy salad dressing. And of course a couple stacks of pitas that are daily baked on site.

This wasn't the salad we ate today, but it demonstrates Garbanzo's colorful palate and fresh focus.
  • This wasn't the salad we ate today, but it demonstrates Garbanzo's colorful palate and fresh focus.

Overall, the light spread was quite good, with commendable pitas — much better than most — and a really solid (as in good, not hard) tahini sauce. I like the potent sesame flavor that comes through and the mild bitter backbite especially. Though the hummus also has a nice, natural garbanzo bean flavor, we craved a little more lemon juice and garlic. Mixing the two together though creates a stellar combo sauce, and mixing the whole plate together for that matter makes for a nice meal. The benefit to the simple menu appears to be its interchangeability, beyond its clear affordability (most plates in the $6 range). Many patrons will also appreciate the large, gluten-free selection and use of non-trans-fat oils, as well as a few locally purchased ingredients.

We look forward to checking out more flavors later, and you can check them out yourself with two early "practice parties" from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on both Wed., June 23 and Thurs., June 24. All samples will be free, meaning this has the capability of becoming as much of a madhouse with a long line as Rudy's "friends and families" night a few weeks back.

The goal, obviously, is to get new staffs trained and up to speed with a real-rush scenario, i.e. two hours of one long, hellish line of folks looking to score a freebie. Go forewarned.

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