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Save a few trees by transferring your Colorado Springs Utilities account to e-billing, a free service the city-owned agency began offering on Friday.

The service can be accessed by registering for Colorado Springs Utilities’ online account management (“manage your account” link) at Once customers register for online account management, they can sign up for e-Billing by clicking the “update personal information” link and selecting the e-Billing box. After customers agree to the e-Billing terms and conditions, they are enrolled in the program, Utilities said in a press release.

Get rid of this.
  • Get rid of this.

Customers can return to paper billing at any time. But Utilities says the benefits of e-Billing are:
· Postage and print savings for Colorado Springs Utilities and customers
· Less impact on the environment
· Reduction of clutter, better organization and more secure than paper

Colorado Springs Utilities’ online account management enables customers to view their account balance, see a history of bills and payments, download past bills, and request payment extensions.

Colorado Springs Utilities offers several forms of electronic payment, including online bill payment through banks and financial institutions, electronic funds transfer, online credit card payments, 7-Eleven self-service kiosks and Western Union Convenience Pay® at local grocery stores. The latter method carries a charge imposed by Western Union.

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