GOCA's balloons pop



It's no huge surprise the lovely white balloons that filled a wing of GOCA 121 would meet an airless demise. After all, Kate Petley's "Nothing" orbs were thinner than paper, and amazingly fragile to the touch of a soft palm. As part of the show 4 x 4: 4 artists, 4 curators, two of the three giant balloons popped one by one sometime on two Sunday nights, says GOCA director Caitlin Green, who figures the air ducts were the culprit.

What is something of a pleasant surprise are the way they so appealing appear as shards of latex skin. Green says, "I think they're quite interesting popped... in many ways I think it better articulates the artist's ideas about fragility and ephemerality. Plus the texture of the popped ones is irresistible!"

Green's absolutely right, be sure to see for yourself.



The shells had a cute sort of scalloped tear line to boot.


Viewer comments on a funky cork board had playfully doomed the balloons from the beginning.



Some with a more academic angle than others.


For more on the exhibition, which is up through July 9, read our article and our review.

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