Unsolicited listing of the week



The listings desk can be a pretty utilitarian place, that is, until some creative and colorful event descriptions come our way.

Enjoy this example, sent to us Tuesday afternoon (with our emphases) by one enterprising and expressive individual:

Event Description:

Get your dance hat on and oil your booty, it's the latest Horoscope-themed pikes peak area music party. We thought about calling it "Cancer Bash", but that just don't sound right, ya know?

Animus doing that crazy thing that he does, sprouting nasty dance beats, juicy synth patterns & dreamy guitar from thin air.

DJ Reflect doing what he does, mixing a tasty selection of choice tunage for you to rattle your rump to.

Opening up will be Hiraether for his debut live appearance, spewing forth swirling tentacles of electronic ear-candy created by a gameboy DS.

Seriously. Some FreakyWeirdCool stuff going on here.

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