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As much as I love my cat, I don’t want to see a litter of little versions of him trying to scale my screen door all at once (one of his many daily, and sometimes horrifying, routines to get my attention).

Fortunately, I don’t ever have to worry about seeing mini-Noodles running around because he was adopted from a humane society that neutered him before I even imagined owning a cat.

Noodle: happiest when he doesn't have to compete for affection.
  • Noodle: happiest when he doesn't have to compete for affection.

However, for those who haven’t been able to live with the pleasure of knowing your favorite kitty will be the one and only in your life, now’s your chance to feel that ease. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is offering 60 low cost spay/neuter vouchers for June 26 as part of the CatS.N.I.P. program. Here is more information from a press release:

In an effort to save the lives of cats in the Pikes Peak Region, the Humane Society has created a new low-cost spay and neuter program for cat owners called CatS.N.I.P — Spay (S), Neuter (N), Incentive (I) Program (P). “We believe this program will save the lives of cats by reducing the number of unwanted litters produced, and we hope to use CatS.N.I.P. as a tool to educate the community about the tremendous cat overpopulation problem” says Director of Community Resources, Stacey Candella.

Vouchers are available for a cost of only $15. This fee covers the spay or neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, feline distemper vaccination, and a cat license. The certificates are sold on a first come, first serve basis and do go fast. Owners must be present to sign surgery release paperwork.

So head over to the Humane Society and pick up your voucher for a less stressful life!

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