World Cup: There's an app for that



If you’re inadequately obsessed with the World Cup, you may need a reminder that the first of its 64 matches begins Friday.

As for the rest of us, the good news is that you don’t need to carry your television and satellite dish around with you just to keep up with the Cup's time zone challenges.

In what may be the first example of this so-called “Internet” having some use value, games will be streamed both online and via phone apps.

Some are free. Some aren’t. And it’s still anyone’s guess at this point which ones will turn out to be worthwhile.

My personal investment so far is $7.99, which is the price of upgrading the ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup app for iPhone. Its selling point is live audio commentary punctuated “almost-live” video highlights.

There are other apps that theoretically offer actual video streaming, but the idea of spending hours staring at a 3-inch screen and trying to actually see anything seems kind of futile.

Anyway, you can find a handy writeup on World Cup phone apps here.

Or, if you prefer watching on your home computer or laptop screen, you'll find an overview with links to eight streaming services right here.

And finally, apropos of pretty much nothing, here's a parting shot of retired German mascots Goleo and Pille!


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