Sheriff debates afoot?



Monument Police Chief Jake Shirk, who's running for El Paso County sheriff, sent a letter to Sheriff Terry Maketa asking to set up a series of four debates — two in June and two in July.

Who will wear this in 2011?
  • Who will wear this in 2011?

Both are Republicans and face off in the Aug. 10 primary election.

Maketa's campaign manager, Wendy Habert, says she hasn't discussed the request with Maketa, but adds, "I don't think he would have any problem doing that."

Shirk asked for an official reply no later than Monday. Here's his letter:

Dear Terry,

I respectfully challenge you to a series of four debates between now and the Primary Election on August 10th.

I have questions for you. You have questions for me. More importantly, the Republican primary voters have questions for both of us. It is our obligation to answer those questions, be transparent to the voters, and clearly articulate our different positions on the key issues facing our county.

The Republican voters of El Paso County deserve an opportunity to see us side-by-side and understand the stark differences between your administration and my platform for the future.

It is imperative that the voters across the county have multiple opportunities to understand our differences, ask us questions, and hold us accountable. That is best accomplished in a series of debates—two in June and two in July to include different formats, venues, moderators, and audiences.

To plan these debates and provide adequate time for promotion of them, I respectfully request an answer to this challenge by next Monday, June 14th. ...

I know that it is “politics as usual” for an incumbent, such as yourself, to ignore a challenger. I’m a cop, not a politician. My sincere hope is that I can convince you to put politics aside and to address the real law enforcement challenges facing El Paso County.


Police Chief Jake Shirk

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