Perfect day for a 25-mile march?



Imagine marching 25 miles in today's record-setting heat. Only the military would tackle such a feat, as is the case at Peterson Air Force Base where a dozen North American Aerospace Defense Command members are marching in preparation for the Nijmegen International Four Day Marches.

The team consists of members from Canada, the United States' partner in NORAD, Canadian Naval Lt. Desmond James says.

Duval -- hes marching, too.
  • Duval — he's marching, too.

This year is the first time NORAD has participated, which resulted from an another military team canceling, leaving a vacancy. The NORAD team jumped in at the behest of Canadian Lt. Gen. Marcel Duval, NORAD's deputy commander, who's known for his commitment to fitness.

The team will be on parade today for the benefit of local media. They'll participate in the Nijmegen International Four Day Marches, which begin July 20 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, along with teams from other Air Force bases. James says very little cost is associated with the military's participation. One plane will ferry all teams to and from the event, he says.

Looks like they chose a doozy of a day for practice, with temps predicted to soar into the 90s. James says marchers carry full rucksacks, making the march even more excrutiating.

Perhaps they should have an ambulance standing by?

Hopefully, these wont be needed.
  • Hopefully, these won't be needed.

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