Music Monday: McCartney coming to Denver, Obama singing "Hey Jude"



Yes, Paul McCartney is coming to Denver. The most viable living moptop announced on Thursday that he'll be playing the Pepsi Center on July 15.

Or will he?

A startling new documentary, Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George Harrison, goes straight to video — as only the finest films do — on Sept. 1. The film suggests that McCartney died in a 1966 car crash and that M15 (British Secret Intelligence Service) convinced the rest of the band to cover up his death in order to prevent Beatles fans from committing mass suicide.

OK, the whole stunt double thing does sound kind of far-fetched, although it would explain the likes of "Silly Love Songs," "Ebony and Ivory" and "The Girl Is Mine."

Meanwhile, the current McCartney, whoever he may be, played the White House last week, singing "Michelle" (get it?) and "Hey Jude," the latter accompanied by an all-star chorus that included Jack White, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Emmylou Harris, Barack and Michelle Obama, and, of course, Jerry Seinfeld.

During the same ceremony, Obama gave the former Beatle a Library of Congress songwriting award, and McCartney said it's good to have a president who knows what a library is.

The comment immediately sent ripples of anger throughout the Republican blogosphere, including a guest column on Michelle Malkin's site in which the writer said he'd "rather have a president who knows what a terrorist is."

Such as the one who was struggling through My Pet Goat while those guys were flying airplanes into the World Trade Center.

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