Stay cool — here's how



With temperatures soaring this weekend, you could sit on an ice cube. But you might not want your butt to stick and the melting cube to get your sneakers wet, so here are some ideas from Colorado Springs Utilities:


You can manage the heat without using a lot of energy, Utilities officials say. And with Colorado’s low-humidity breezes, you may not even need to use the air conditioner.

The top five ways you can chill out, reduce your energy use and save money on your electric bill:
5. Use ceiling and oscillating fans to keep the air moving.
4. Open windows on opposite sides of the building to allow a cross breeze.
3. Turn off lights and electronics when not in use since they give off additional heat.
2. Keep the hot sun out by closing shades. Open windows and shades at night.
1. Use the microwave or outdoor grill instead of the kitchen stove.

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