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Apparently Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs aren’t the only cities in Colorado that People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) like to target with their campaigns. Denver has been added to the list as well.

More specifically, a McDonald’s on the 16th Street Mall in Denver may be the spot of one of PETA’s newest campaigns: “McCruelty: I’m hatin’ it.” If their permit request is granted, McDonald’s customers will be eagerly welcomed to the fast food joint by a crippled, blood soaked chicken statue designed by New Yorker cartoonist Harry Bliss.

The statue is part of an effort to show the cruelty that McDonald's uses while trying to put those $1 menu items on your plate and urge the corporation to change it's methods. Whether or not you think PETA is crazy or correct, you got to hand it to them: at least they know how to make people think about what they’re eating, an almost impossible task in this fast food and labels happy world of ours.

Closer to home, the June 8th town council meeting in which Manitou Springs mayor Marc Snyder promised to let PETA representatives discuss their trash can ad proposal is approaching. Colorado Springs already denied the ads that feature a bikini-clad woman exclaiming, “Meat trashes the planet. Go Vegan.” However, perhaps Manitou Springs will welcome the $2,500 PETA is offering for placing the ads on city park trash cans.

The trash cans in Manitou may soon get a face lift.
  • The trash cans in Manitou may soon get a face lift.

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for the Denver Post’s account of the wounded chicken.

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