Ritter to sign HB 1284 ... someday


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Governor Bill Ritter
  • Governor Bill Ritter

Almost a month has passed since the Colorado Legislature passed HB 1284 — indicating how medical marijuana centers were to be regulated within the state — and the bill remains unsigned by Gov. Bill Ritter.

Speculation among those in the industry has run rampant; does the governor fear the multitude of lawsuits lining up as we speak? Is he concerned with oppressive overregulation? Is he losing sleep over the several unconstitutional aspects of the House Bill?

Um, no.

"I don’t think there’s any great secret," says spokesman Evan Dreyer. "[Ritter's] going to sign the bill. He had hundreds of bills to review, and still to review. After the Legislature adjourns, the governor then has 30 days to sign, so the deadline to sign isn’t until June 11."

The following handy graphic shows the conditions under which a passed bill becomes law; note that not signing the bill (but still having it take effect) is an option:



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