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Update: Bristol unveiled the new logo and name for its new beer today: Yellow Kite Summer Pils. Congrats to whoever won wins tomorrow's 6 p.m. drawing for the two-night stay at Boulder's St. Julien Hotel & Spa.

From the press release:

“The name [Yellow Kite Summer Pils] is a nod to nostalgia,” says Mike Bristol, owner of Bristol Brewing Co. “It represents that feeling of summer when everything slows down a little, the sun is out longer and you're able to relax more. In essence, it’s a taste of summer in a bottle — a beer you can enjoy while flying a kite.”

If you can't wait for six packs to hit local shelves on June 8, stop by Bristol's tasting room tomorrow, June 3, for a kickoff party which precedes parties in Denver and Boulder on June 6 and 7, respectively. Visit Bristol's website for complete info.

Um ... looks like a teal kite to me.
  • Um ... looks like a teal kite to me.

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bristol Brewing Company owner Mike Bristol earlier today for a teaser sample of the soon-to-be-released and yet-to-be-named Summer Pils.

We were joined by Vladimir Jones public relations manager Christina Brodsly (who's working with Bristol on the contest to name the new beer) and Blue Star chef de cuisine Andrew Sherrill (who provided some yummy food samplings to pair with the beer).

Testdriving the new Summer Pils with Blue Star eats.
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Test driving the new Summer Pils with Blue Star eats.

Mike Bristol jokingly called the beer the "summer yin to the Winter Warlock yang," in terms of it being a seasonal beer that's leaving the brewery's Edge City series to be bottled on its own.

Some notes on the beer: Bristol says the pilsner is made with German and Czech hops and German lager yeast, "the way it's supposed to be," as compared to many other mediocre, macro-brewery renditions. The body and color are very light, with a pleasant, mild hop flavor. To me, it'd be the perfect beer to be sipping next month while watching the World Cup. It's certainly much more alive and fresh tasting than a bottle of Pilsner Urquell by the time it makes it over here (though in fairness, Pilsner Urquell off tap in Prague is actually quite good).

As for how it pairs with food, the verdict is largely excellent. From the Blue Star's new monthly menu that debuted yesterday, Sherrill treated us to: a big boy scallop prepared Southern style with meyer lemon jalapeño jelly over a cornmeal pancake; frog legs with a roasted pepper sauce and gorgonzola vinaigrette; calamari with Mae Ploy sauce; a sweet and sour, pineapple-brined pork loin; and a cheese plate.

We seemed to reach consensus that the beer tasted best with the scallop and calamari, for the seafood pairing but also the spice and mild heat in each's sauce. It certainly didn't taste bad with anything we tried, and would work well with lighter cuisine in general.

Look for it in stores on June 8, following a release party at the brewery on June 3; the name-guessing-game ends May 21.

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