'Dispensaries as confidential informants' Black says.


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Attorney Cliff Black
  • Attorney Cliff Black

Video from the panel of lawyers that came together May 24 in Denver has surfaced on YouTube. Here we have local attorney Cliff Black with several interesting points.

"There are some good things in House Bill 1284. One of the things that [Sen. Chris] Romer kept saying is his intention was to keep the thugs and knuckleheads out of the business. Well, if you look at 1284 — if you look at the prohibited persons — that has been accomplished because sheriffs, law enforcement and prosecutors cannot be dispensary owners."


"We see a lot of competition in the dispensaries now. We’ve seen dispensaries turning on other dispensaries, and acting as confidential informants. Well, if you don’t stick up for the other dispensaries now, they’re going to go after the weaker ones first; they’re going to put those out of business, and then who’s going to be left standing?"


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