Cops kill 13-year-old dog named Wrinkles



A bullet hole from the execution of Wrinkles
  • A bullet hole from the execution of Wrinkles

Similar to the Columbia, Missouri story of SWAT team members shooting a family's two dogs, and killing one, while serving a search warrant that we brought you back in May, is the case of 62-year-old Boston grandmother Marietta Robinson.

After inviting police into her home to look for her 28-year-old grandson — who hasn't lived at that address for years — on drug-related concerns, Robinson put her 13-year-old dog named Wrinkles in the bathroom.

I asked his permission, "May I put my dog in the bathroom, or in the backyard?"

He said, "Go ahead and put her in the bathroom — we ain't going to hurt her."

Of course, while police were doing that whole "search every room" thing, they stumbled upon the bathroom, and were unsavagely not-attacked by Wrinkles, and shot her to death.

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