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Homeward Pikes Peak Executive Director Bob Holmes is announcing that 100 of the clients that have gone through his emergency homeless housing program have been hired by local employers.

Holmes' program, which is run using money from grants and from the city, has been around for about 100 days, which means about one person a day has gotten a job while receiving help from the program.

Holmes' program was previously housed at the Express Inn near Eighth Street and Interstate 25, but is now at the Aztec Courts motel on Platte Avenue. The program has helped provide temporary housing to homeless people while the city clears out hundreds of homeless camps along urban creekbeds.

Holmes plans to celebrate the accomplishment Thursday. He notes that helping homeless people find work will pay off financially for the city because the homeless will now pay taxes.

Below is Holmes' announcement:

Good Morning:
Great news over the weekend! Our 100th client (homeless tent camper) has just gotten a job! Hearing this news, I realized that this is about one job a day, from the inception of the Homeward Pikes Peak Homeless Outreach Program. All are still working; no terminations.
We are having a celebration at the Aztec Motel, our headquarters, on Thursday, June 3, at 6 pm with cake and soft drinks to honor and recognize our clients. I think this is truly a newsworthy event and hope that you will be able to attend to chronicle this milestone for your readers and especially for those who have donated to this project!
From a macro-economic point of view, if the one hundred just made minimum wage, they would earn about $1.6 million a year. If 30% of this money were spent on sales taxable items, the sales tax revenue returned to the City would be about $36,000 per year. So, in less than a year and a half the City will have recouped its “investment” in this “human capital” and the rest is “profit” for the City. I do programs to help people, of course; but so far they have all been cost-efficient and outcome based. The public needs to know that “charity” can be looked upon as a positive investment in the community.
I do hope that we will have good media representation at this event. You will be able to speak to some of the employed individuals.
Please call or e-mail with any questions. And also, hey, there’s free cake!

Dr. Robert J. Holmes
Executive Director
Homeward Pikes Peak

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