No MMJ allowed? Blame Canada




So you've visited your doctor, found all your medical records, applied for your state medical marijuana card, waited six months for it to come in the mail, started next year's application and would now like to visit your brother in Vancouver.


At least, don't do it with any hope of bringing your medication along. (Depression and anxiety stops at the border, didn't you know?) As Canadian officials told the Montana Standard:

Health Canada, the federal department that runs the country’s health care system, has a medical marijuana program, and the drug is allowed for those suffering from “grave and debilitating illnesses” like cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

However, according to Lisa White, spokesperson for the Canada Border Control Services Agency, Health Canada does not recognize the medical marijuana programs of any other country. Therefore, a person could not bring a personal amount of the drug across the border, despite the fact that it was medically prescribed.

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