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Traffic cones: Not as well-liked as ice cream cones.
  • Traffic cones: Not as well-liked as ice cream cones.
We knew it.

It's Memorial Day weekend. Territory Days has brought traffic on the west side to a standstill. Air conditioning can't compete with the feeling of the burning sun through your windshield. The diesel fumes spewing out of the truck in front of you are starting to make you queasy.

So, we just knew that what you really wanted to hear right now is that a road on the west side will be closed for construction. (We're awesome mind readers around here.)

Here goes: Judge Orr Road is gonna be closed. There you have it. If you want to know why, read the press release below.

And while you're fuming, remember that the folks here at the Indy don't even have today off. We're here. Busily trying to read your mind.

Repair Work Started on Judge Orr Road West From Highway 24

Temporary Closure Remains Until Work is Completed

Colorado Springs, May 31, 2010 — Frazee Construction under contract for the Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District has started digging to lower a water main going under Judge Orr Road just west of the intersection at Highway 24. Lowering the water main is necessary before El Paso County can install a new drainage structure at that location.

Judge Orr Road from Highway 24 to Eastonville Road has been closed since April 26 due to a washout. Drivers coming into the Woodmen Hills area from Highway 24 are advised to continue the use of either Woodmen Road or Eastonville Road as alternate routes until repairs are completed.

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