Jack Nicholson’s NOT coming to town after all



A reminder that lots of people still read newspaper advertisements: On May 20, the latest Independent hit the streets with an ad on page 44 for a Father’s Day car show and barbecue June 20 at Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs.

Jack Nicholson
  • Joker's on us.

Right there, in small type under a larger message about “FREE BEER,” a line promotes: "Jack Nicholson & the Bronco cheerleaders." And the Briarhurst reports it's been swamped with phone calls about the iconic actor coming to Manitou.

Except, well, Jack isn’t coming. He never was coming.

The ad (which, as is true with all ads, wasn't viewed by the editorial department) should have included one more word. Where it said "Jack Nicholson," it should have said "Jack Nicholson impersonator." You can see the real Nicholson in his front-row seat for the Los Angeles Lakers’ home playoff games, but when you’re Jack Nicholson, you don’t really make appearances at car shows — unless they’re in Beverly Hills.

But hey, the Bronco cheerleaders in attendance won’t be impersonators. And apparently, once you pay for admission (the details aren't available yet), the beer still will be free.

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