Final MMJ votes from your local legislators



Weird. I dont see any party lines ...
  • Weird. I don't see any party lines ...

Final votes for passage of House Bill 1284 from El Paso County legislators are in and not surprisingly results are mixed. What is surprising is how the vote divides; for once, party lines were completely ignored in favor of personal ideology.

In the Senate:

Yes: Keith King (R), Senate Majority Leader John Morse (D)

No: Bill Cadman (R), Mark Scheffel (R), Dave Schultheis (R)

In the House:

Yes: Dennis Apuan (D), Mark Waller (R), Kent Lambert (R), Larry Liston (R), Marsha Looper (R), Amy Stephens (R)

No: Bob Gardner (R), Mike Merrifield (D)

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