Buck accused of campaign finance violation



Buck: under fire.
  • Buck: under fire.

Ken Buck, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, has been accused of violating federal campaign rules by a Jane Norton fan. Norton, former lieutenant governor, hopes to petition onto the primary ballot to give Buck a run in August.

The news was reported by politico.com and is based on seven-page complaint dated May 18. Buck is expected to sweep the Republican assembly this weekend with backing from tea partiers.

Here's the politico.com piece, which includes a link to the full complaint.

Charles Grice, a former official in the administration of Republican Gov. Bill Owens, charges that Buck helped steer a wealthy supporter, Hensel Phillips CEO Jerry Morgensen, and others toward third-party groups including Declaration Alliance, the Campaign for Liberty and Americans for Job Security. Grice, a supporter of former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton who is not formally affiliated with her campaign, charges that around March 2009, "Buck informed prospective campaign consultants and others that his friend Morgensen was prepared to spend up to $1 million on Buck's anticipated U.S. Senate campaign, presumably as an independent expenditure. Morgensen, who accompanied Buck to some of these interviews, confirmed that he was planning to 'invest' one million dollars or more in Buck's Senate campaign."

Buck adviser Walt Klein rejected the substance of the complaint as "baseless" and called it part of an "increasingly negative" Norton campaign push.

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