Tour de cluck



Back in November, we told you about a rise in urban chicken keeping.

This weekend, a local group who've formed a chicken-friendly Google group will be hosting the Take a Peak Chicken Coop Tour, "an informal, self-guided" tour running from 1 to 4 p.m., May 16, beginning at 712 N. Cedar St.


Here are some details:

You can checkout my backyard chicken setup and pickup a directory of the other chicken coops that are open for visitors. Currently there are 14 coops on the tour it could go up or down a couple before Sunday. The tour is FREE and Kids are welcome. It is a bit too spread out for a walking tour (you could cover about 2/3s on foot in three hours) but would be easy on bikes. Most of the coops this year are in the northeast downtown area.
The purpose of the tour is to increase awareness of Chickens as pets that have a purpose - making breakfast:-) And to give people ideas for housing and protecting a small flock in their backyard. Consider it part of the hyperlocavore movement.

Contact John at 597-5407 or e-mail with questions.

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