Romanoff — inside or out?



Andrew Romanoff's campaign for U.S. Senate is seizing on this week's primary results that booted the likes of Arlen Specter, the Democrat from Pennsylvania who changed parties about a year ago, and other incumbents in favor of newcomers to politics. Specter lost in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate to Joe Sestak. Observers say it's part of the anti-government, anti-incumbent agenda advanced by the tea party.

Specter - on his way out.
  • Specter - on his way out.

Romanoff - wants in.
  • Romanoff - wants in.

Romanoff, former four-termer in the Colorado House and House Speaker from 2005 to 2009, suddenly is acting like he's the outsider. He's running against Sen. Michael Bennet, who hadn't held an elected office until he was appointed to the unexpired term of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Bennet already has been endorsed by President Obama, who also endorsed Specter.

Bill Romjue, Romanoff's campaign manager, issued a statement this morning, which said in part:

The results of last night’s primary elections point to one overriding truth: Democratic voters throughout the country are very angry. They are angry about a political system controlled by corporate interests and they are furious with their own party leaders in Congress who have been unprepared or unwilling to take on those interests, despite the overwhelming mandate they got to do just that from the electorate in 2008.

The corrosive effect of massive amounts of corporate cash showered on lawmakers could not have been more obvious in recent weeks, and the voters know it.

Democratic voters have shown that they see through the endless charade where contributions are accepted, giant companies are protected, false gestures are made by bought off senators, and the battles they were sent to Washington to engage in are unfinished and unfought. They are fed up with the political class in Washington that seeks to control who is “allowed” to represent the people of their state, yet runs from any fight to conduct the people’s business. The revolution that began last night in Pennsylvania and Arkansas will sweep through Colorado and is no less than a battle to renew the soul of the Democratic Party.

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