Penrose squirts again!




Since the city said it could no longer pay to run the Julie Penrose Fountain — a popular destination in America the Beautiful park — it's been up to the community to keep it going for the city's kids.

The nonprofit Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain has repeatedly stepped up to the plate to raise funds for the fountain, which needs $25,000 a year for water, staff to maintain safety, supplies and maintenance costs.

The El Pomar Foundation issued a $12,500 challenge grant for the fountain this year, which was mostly matched through small community donations. However, the Friends were still $4,000 short. Thankfully, the H. Chase Stone Trust stepped up to close that gap.

So, it looks like at least one of the city's fountains will be running. For this year.

The Friends note that the fundraising effort isn't over yet. With the 2010 season paid for, they're now focused on raising funds for the fountain in 2011.

But before they start that effort in earnest, they'll take time to celebrate this small victory:

The Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain will be hosting a “Turn on the Fountain” Celebration for the community to enjoy from 12-2pm on May 23rd in America the Beautiful Park. Additionally, Phantom Canyon has introduced the “Continuum Ale” (a Belgium white) this month and will donate 25% of summer sale proceeds to benefit the Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain.

Sponsored by:
The "Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain" - Board Members:
Kristen R. Downs, Chair (447-9090)
Carrie Bartow, CPA, Clifton Gunderson LLP
Jan Martin, City Council Member
Mary Kay Burnett, Urban Renewal Authority
Lisa Czelatdko, Board Member

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