Lionel makes national TV with homeless comment



Last night’s election coverage was pretty special.

For many, the big news was Arlen Specter’s transparent party-swapping strategy going down in flames.

For others, it was Rand (son of Ron) Paul, the tea party hero who once argued that, when it comes to releasing Gitmo detainees, we should “drop ’em off” in Afghanistan because “it’ll take ’em awhile to get back over here." The feisty ophthalmologist won Kentucky's Republican primary decisively over an establishment-backed opponent.


But for the Springs, Tuesday night’s big moment was Lionel Rivera’s appearance on the “World’s Worst” segment of Keith Olbermann's Countdown. The popular television show paid tribute to our beloved mayor after Rivera was skewered by the Denver Post for this genius comment:

“Some people want to be homeless, they really do.”

Of course, Rivera still can't hold a candle to our State Sen. Dave Schultheis, who made the list twice last year, first for hoping that babies will be born with AIDS and make their mothers feel guilty ...


... and then a second time for contorting the memory of 9/11 by insisting Obama is “flying the U.S plane right into the ground” and then rallying like-minded nuts with the battle cry, “Let’s roll.”


So we thank you, Mr. Mayor. Now that our fundamentalist friends have calmed down a bit, it’s comforting to know that we can count on our public servants to show the rest of the nation that the Springs is still way ahead of the curve.

Enjoy the video:

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