Darryl Glenn out as GOP vice chair



City Councilman and El Paso County Commissioner candidate Darryl Glenn has resigned as Vice Chair of the El Paso County Republicans.

The resignation comes after some confusion over the rules for holding the seat.

Glenn's campaign committee offers the following explanation:

For Immediate Release

March 18, 2010, Colorado Springs, CO

Glenn Officially Resigns as El Paso County Party Vice Chairman

On April 10, 2010 Darryl Glenn temporarily left his post as the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party keeping his word that he would do so should he face a Primary Challenger in August. Since then his challenger has withdrawn from the race.

After much thoughtful consideration Glenn requested to be reinstated to his post. However, after further review of the county Republican Party by-laws there is no provision for an officer to take a leave of absence, they can only resign from their position. Since that is the county party’s official position Darryl Glenn has officially resigned from the position of Vice Chairman. “It's always been my intent to do what's best for the party regardless of any personal ambitions. Furthermore, it was never my intention to officially resign prior to the end of my term.” said Glenn.

Additionally, Glenn throws his strong support behind Acting Chairman Ryan Parsell. “I think that Chairman Parsell was the best man to fill the role of Acting Vice Chair when I left the position and I stand firmly behind him as Acting Chairman, as we move forward with this smooth executive officer transition. I am committed to assist Chairman Parsell in any way I can, to avoid any loss of momentum we may have suffered during this transition period.”

As the party moves forward to elect a new chairman on June 5, 2010, Glenn will firmly stand beside our newly elected party officers and support them and our Republican candidates through this election cycle.

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