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The battle for our city's pools isn't over yet.

Earlier this year, City Council chose to close several pools, and hand another three over to private management in order to save money. The only pool the city chose to fund through the end of 2010 was at the Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center.

But even that support had a catch. The Friends of Aquatics needed to help support that pool and its programs. The Friends, a nonprofit organization, is still trying to raise the money.

If you want to help, the information is below:

A Summer Without Swimming

City budget cuts closed 5 pools and Prospect Lake in March 2010.

The FRIENDS OF AQUATICS has accepted the challenge of keeping Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center, the only City-operated aquatic center, open into 2011. Our goal is to raise the necessary $250,000 to support the remaining open pool and fund the opening of an outdoor pool in the summer of 2011. Our mission is to help 200,000 youth, teens, adults, seniors, and individuals with disabilities increase their water safety, improve self confidence and ultimately maintain healthy lifestyles. The Save Our Pools project will continue to offer affordable opportunities for all members of the community, focusing on at-risk populations. City pools helped more than 6,500 participants learn to swim in 2009 - 686 of those received financial assistance from FRIENDS OF AQUATICS. But without help, these facilities and programs will be lost due to the current City budget shortfall.

You can help FRIENDS OF AQUATICS save our pools for today and tomorrow’s youth, adult and seniors through your participation in: fundraising events, sponsorships and paver and banner purchases. FRIENDS OF AQUATICS, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, also accepts individual tax-deductible donations.

Call or e-mail for donation options using the following contact information:

Friends of Aquatics



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