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If you want to play Lilith Fair this year — or maybe just want to help decide who does — you should pay a visit to the Lilith Local Talent Search site.

Once there, artists have until this coming Saturday, May 22 to upload a track and compete for an opening slot at the tour’s July 13 Denver stop. (Im holding out for headliner myself.)

Normal people, meanwhile, can go to the same site to vote for their favorites. And as an added incentive, one voter in each market will be chosen “Best Predictor,” an honor reserved for ...

... individuals who honestly and insightfully judge a fair number of battles within each city/region, and whose selections, when compared to the voting trends of honest judgers, best reflect the final outcome of that city/region.

Now, I have no idea what will happen to individuals in a city/region who dishonestly and obliviously reflect the voting trends of corrupt and depraved "judgers" in that city/region, and I'm not sure I want to.

But I do know that the chosen Best Predictors will get a couple of tickets. Find out more about that here.

So get to it and good luck, Colorado!

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