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Breaking news: Babies are expensive.
  • Breaking news: Babies are expensive.
Attention families!

All that baby stuff your little ones have outgrown — the stuff currently covering half your living room floor — could be serving a greater purpose than tripping you in the middle of the night.

The Springs Rescue Mission is increasing its outreach to low-income moms and babies. These families need all sorts of stuff for their little bundles of joy.

Read on to learn how to donate:

Baby Items Needed for Low Income Moms

Colorado Springs, CO — May 12, 2010 — Springs Rescue Mission (SRM) will be expanding its program to expectant mothers and families with newborn children. Instead of a bi-annual baby shower event, SRM will be providing starter packages on a daily basis to moms in need.

SRM needs help with a large amount of the following items:

Diaper bags, infant diapers, bottles, formula, infant clothing, infant blankets, infant car seats, cribs with mattresses and bedding, pacifiers, stuffed animals, strollers, baby swings, mommy and baby hygiene supplies, laundry baskets to wrap everything in.

Where to drop off any donations:
The Direct Service Center at Springs Rescue Mission is located at 1 West Las Vegas Street in Colorado Springs.

For more information:
Please call Jack Garcia of Springs Rescue Mission at 719-667-0564 for more information.

To learn more about Springs Rescue Mission visit their web site at:

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